• Accounting Careers
    1. Klic Advanced Excel
    2. Klic Advanced Tally Pro
    3. Klic Tally Prime with GST
  • Back Office Careers
    1. Klic Data Entry & Data Management
    2. Klic Office Assistance
  • Designing Careers
    1. Klic Content Illustration
    2. Klic DTP (Adobe)
    3. Klic DTP (CorelDRAW)
    4. Klic Graphics Designing
    5. Klic Photoshop
    6. Klic Video Editing
    7. Klic Web Design
  • Digital Arts Careers
    1. Klic AutoCAD
    2. Klic IT for Art Teacher
    3. Klic 3D Modelling
    4. Klic 3D Texturing & Lighting
  • Digital Freelancing
    1. Klic Digital Freelancing
  • Front Office Careers
    1. Klic English
    2. Klic IT
    3. Klic Smart Teacher
    4. Klic Soft Skills
  • IT Hardware & Networking Careers
    1. Klic Cyber Security
    2. Klic Desktop Support
    3. Klic Hardware Support
    4. Klic Network Support
    5. Klic Security Support
  • Management
    1. Klic BFSI
    2. Klic Retail Management
  • New Collar Jobs
    1. Klic IoT
    2. Klic SCRATCH
  • Programming Careers
    1. Klic C/C++ Programming
    2. Klic Java
    3. Klic Mobile App Development
    4. Klic Python
Certificate Awarding Body for KLiC Course:

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL)

Marksheet providing body for Individual KLiC Certificate Courses:

Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU)

Batch Commencement:

One batch in each calendar month (January to December)

Date(s) of Application and Fee Payment by Learner:

1st – 30th day of each calendar month

Date of Learner Confirmation by Authorised Learning Center (ALC):

1st – 30th day of each calendar month

For more details, visit our Authorised Learning Centers (ALC’s). To avail admission into the course of your choice, just follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Step 1: Find the nearest Center
  • Step 2: Visit the center for registration
  • Step 3: Pay Fees and start Learning!
Duration of each KLiC Certificate Course:

120 Hours to be covered in either 1 month (4 weeks) or 2 months (8 weeks)
60 hours to be covered in 1 Month(4 Weeks) – For New Collar Job Track Courses


For More Information, Visit : https://klic.mkcl.org/